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Depot monitoring system project, Sudan | 2017
The project provides monitoring of 9 fuels tankfarms located in Sudan including interconnection pipeline between them. Data is collected in central database and SCADA system.
Modernisation of solar power system, Sudan | 2017
Upgrade of solar power system at Fula to Khartoum heavy crude export pipeline. The scope included delivery and configuration of units (RTUs) for control of accumulator charging from solar panels.
Port Sudan strategic terminal project, Sudan | 2016
Design, production, delivery and start-up of high capacity flow metering skids, tank gauging system, control system (PLC, ESD, SCADA, TAMAS), fire detection and control of firefighting system.
Pipeline SCADA upgrade project, Sudan | 2015
Delivery of SCADA system for monitoring of 2 product pipelines with total legth over 1500 km including 12 pumping stations, 10 block valve stations and 3 cathodic protection stations.
FAT tests for Port Sudan | 2013
Metering skids for Port Sudan storage depot have been sucessfully tested. Skids with size upto 16" are designated for custody transfer of light fuels.
Skids for pipeline PETRONEEDS, Sudan | 2012

Design and fabrication of filtration, measuring and regulating skids based on mass measurements at the beginning and at the end of the pipeline from the company STAROIL. Our first application of crude oil. Development and production of stationary Corioli Prover. The first use of the crude oil analyzer and auto sampler.

Filtering and metering system for Adbara depot, Sudan | 2011
Skids 12" class 900 and 16" class 600 for filtration, pressure control and flow metering of diesel and gasoline in redundand design. Including intargation into existing SCADA system.