Major projects - Europe | Estonia

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Ships bunkering terminal for Alexela Slovag, Norway | 2018
Design, fabrication, commissioning of skids for delivery of fuel (diesel) to ships. The skids are certified according to MID and enable fast bunkering of marine ships.
Bahr Pump - TAMAS system and SKIDs for Eesti Energia, Estonia | 2012

Delivery of 6 SKIDs for rail terminal, switchboard for automated control system and instrumentation. Software:TAMAS system. There were needed major adjustments for dispensing into rail tankers. Product is a fuel extracted from shale.

Neste Oil MUUGA, Estonia | 2012

Design, production and recovery of 16 measuring skids and the system TAMAS for AC terminal. Skids based on volumetric measurement (PRIMA4) ACL. Colouring of the product by using devices EVA6. TAMAS system for unloading. 

Delivery of equipment for Eesti Energia Narva truck loading facility, Estonia | 2011

Delivery of metering skids, grounding equipment and TAMAS control system for truck loading terminal for gasoline and shell oil products. At the moment, the project is extended by railway terminal.

Delivery of equipment for Neste Oil truck loading terminal in Tallinn-Muga, Estonia | 2011

Engineering, fabrication, installation supervision and start-up of metering skids and control system. The facility is owned by Neste Oil, a Finnish oil refining and marketing company.