Oil & Gas

Construction and reconstruction of tankfarms and pipelines for petroleum products

VAE CONTROLS® is focused on construction and reconstruction of tankfarms, terminals and pipelines for petroleum products.

Our scope of supply include design of all stages, project management, engineering, complex supply of technology units including our own automation system TAMAS®.

We offer to our customers complex solutions based on components from brand-name producers. This ensures fulfilling of required standards, high reliability, possibility of future expansion, fast servicee and system compatibility.

Overview of products and facilities to be provided | English version:

Video - EPC construction of fuel terminal Sedlnice EN (YouTube)

Video - EPC construction of fuel terminal Sedlnice FR (YouTube)

Video - EPC construction of fuel terminal Sedlnice RU (YouTube)

Video - EPC construction of fuel terminal Sedlnice CN (YouTube)

Our development and production centre gives us possibility to supply special products for tankfarms, certified according ATEX for use in explosive hazardous areas.

Technology for tankfarms, terminals and pipelines
Complex technology for safe, effective and environment-friendly storage and distribution of petroleum products.
TAMAS® - Terminal Automation and Management System
TAMAS® is sophisticated system for automation and control of tankfarms and terminals and for administration of fuel handling. Highly reliable, scalable, flexible according to your needs.
Hydrocarbon Management System (HMS)
HMS is fully modular and scalable information system for control and enhancement of mass balance of crude and oil products. It is designated specifically for refineries and for distribution terminals to monitor volumes and quality of loaded, unloaded, processed and stored products.
TAMAS® Lite is a software for acquisition and loading data. TAMAS® Lite becomes perfect solution for cost-sensitive applications where automated loading control is not required.
Skid for loading and unloading of fuels
CMR series metering skids are compact skid-mounted metering systems typically for tanktrucks and railcars loading and unloading.

SKIDS IPMS (INTEGRATED PIPELINE MEASURING STATION SYSTEMS) 2", 4", 8", 12", 16" for filtration, pressure control and custody metering of crude oil, fuels or liquid chemical products for unloading/loading to/from tankfarms, ship tankers, railway or tank truck terminals.

Pumping SKID
Design and fabrication of pumping skids. A skid with stand-by pumps for pressurizing of additives.
Additive storage skid

The skid consists of double-wall 3m3 tank for additive with instrumentation, additive pump, filter, pressure control valve and connection pipes. The accessories is located on the roof of the tank which makes it very compact and easy to install on site.

Self-service kiosk ETR3
Electronic drivers terminal is dedicated for communication between tanktruck driver and system TAMAS. This terminal can work as entrance as well as exit terminal with handling all necessary functions.
Grounding tester EGT 4

Grounding tester EGT 4 is dedicated for verification of correct grounding of a tanktruck or a railcar. It is used during loading and unloading of chemical products in explosive hazardous areas. The equipment is highly resistant against so called fake-grounding. The state of grounding is indicated by coloured lights and by contactor for the control system.

Biometric reader
System TAMAS 6 has option of safe check of identifiction of the person (e.g. tanktruck driver) by the means of PalmSecure biometry which identifies the person from IR scan of bloodstream on the palm. The reader can be integrated to self-service kiosk thanks to special holder which eliminates influence of the direct sunshine.
Additive dosing unit EVAPLUS / ACCUPLUS
Additive dosing unit Accuplus with control unit Evaplus is a complex, high-precision facility used for the adding of small quantities of substances additives into the product being dispensed (petrol, oil, lubricants, paints, etc.).
Additive dosing unit EVA Container
Compact solution for additive dosing. Includes pump, pressure regulation valve, additive dosing unit and space for 200 l barell with additive. Easy installation, suitable for outdoor envirionemt. 
Camera ESPO for zone 0

Camera ESPO is designed for use in explosive hazardous areas zone 0. It is suitable for monitoing of internal parts of tanks, pipelines and other equipment with flamable liquids without need of complete draining and inertisation. .


Sounder DB3
Sounder DB3 is designed for heavy industrial applications in explosive hazardous areas zone 1. Its advantages are mainly robust design and high vibration resistance. 
Rotating beam light MAV
Rotating beam light MAV is designed for heavy industrial applications in explosive hazardous areas zone 1. It generates rotating red light by LED. Does not contain any moving parts so it is highly resistant against vibrations.