Typical solutions

Extension of tanktruck and railcars loading terminal in Port of Koper | 2016
Design, production, installation and start-up of flow metering skids for loading of light products (incl. JET-A1) to tanktrucks and railcars with purpose to increase flexibility and capacity of the terminal. System includes also biofuels blending, additive dosing and colouring of selected products. Integration to existing ERP system is with the use of TAMAS system.
Modernisation of tanktruck terminal in Rijeka refinery | 2016
Design, production, installation and start-up of flow metering skids for loading of light and heavy products to tanktrucks. System TAMAS for automation and administration of the loading process including integration with existing ERP system and with automation system of related technology units.
Construction of JET fuel storage in Lielvarde, Latvia | 2015
Turn-key construction of new aviation fuel JET-A1 storage. The storage includes 2 tanks, tanktruck unloading place, 2 places for loading of tanktrucks, additive dosing system, control and automation system TAMAS.
Filtering and metering system for Atbara depot, Sudan | 2011
Skids 12" class 900 and 16" class 600 for filtration, pressure control and flow metering of diesel and gasoline in redundand design. Including intargation into existing SCADA system.
Reconstruction of Lukoil Bourgas Railway Terminal, 2008 | 2011

Delivery of containerized coloring system, system for measuring of loaded and unloaded products, and TAMAS supervising system. 

Liquid commodities transship complex 6/8N, Cierna nad Tisou, Slovakia | 2009

Liquid commodities transship complex 6/8N situated in Čierna nad Tisou, right on the Slovak / Ukraine border is intended for transshipping of liquid commodities transported by wide gauge track railway tanks (Russian and Ukraine) to European gauge track railway tanks. The objective of the reconstruction was to meet legislative requirements for liquid commodities transship complexes mainly from the environmental point of view and also to fulfill requested capacity parameters.

Turnkey contractor Matoušek, VAE CONTROLS general contractor of technology part and PIK general designer.

Metering skids for Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries, Turkmenistan | 2009
Design, fabrication and start-up assistance. Measuring and control of amount of products when loaded into ships. There are 14 metering skids for custody transfer of different oil products. The skids have been installed in the sea terminal in the Turkmenbashi complex for measuring and control of amount of products when loaded into ships.
NATO Roudnice - Tankfarm and terminal for diesel fuel, Czech Republic | 2009
Delivery, fabrication, assembly and commissioning of complex technology part of tankfarm and tanktruck terminal including auxiliary operations.
Prague airport, Rehabilitation of aviation fuel handling system, Czech republic | 2009
Basic and detail design, engineering, delivery (EPC) of technology and control system for handling JET-A1 on the biggest airport in the Czech republic - Prague airport. The system of aviation fuel handling consists of railway unloading facility, central tank storage with pumping station and tank trucks terminal. The 3 nodes are connected by underground pipeline. The purpose of this rehabilitation project was to ensure secure and fully reliable function of this system.
Shell aviation fuel loading terminal in Helsinki, Finland | 2009
Delivery of 8 grounding testers for tank truck loading.
State reserves, pipeline Hermanuv Mestec, Czech republic | 2009
Construction of new pipeline 4 x DN200 which connects 2 separated parts of one tankfarm of petroleum products.
Shanghai Pudong Airport, Additive dosing technology, China | 2008
Design, engineering, delivery of additive dosing system. The referenced facility is located in Pudong airport, one of the airports in the world. The fuel storage has been equipped with dosing system to manage increasing conductivity of Jet fuel. It is used for injection of additive agent into the product when unloaded from ships to the fuel storage at the airport. The EPC delivery included additive container with pumping skid and connection to current installation.
Lukoil Bulgaria, Tank truck loading terminal, Plovdiv, Bulgaria | 2007
Basic and Detail Design, engineering, EPC delivery on turn-key basis. The terminal has 4 loading bays for TOP and BOTTOM loading with capacity of 60 tank trucks loading per day.
CEPRO Sedlnice tankfarm, Czech Republic | 2006
Construction of a new tankfarm with capacity 100 000 m3 on EPC basis including complex design engineering services. The tankfarm includes also railway and tenktruck terminal.
SHELL Slovakia / Progress trading Trebisov, Tankfarm and terminal, Slovak Republic | 2006
Basic and Detail Design, engineering, EPC delivery Construction of a new tankfarm on turn-key basis. The Trebisov storage facility is the newest and the most modern storage facility.
Sinopec - Terminal Ningbo, China | 2006

Design, delivery and engineering of additive dosing system EVA6, additive pump station and loading arms on taktruck terminal.

Paramo refinery tankfarm and tank truck loading terminal, Czech Republic | 2005
Basic and Detail Design, engineering, EPC delivery on turn-key basis. The new facility consist two new tanks for gasoline, VRU, fire protection and extinguishing system system, extension of truck loading terminal and railway loading terminal.
Petrochemia Blachownia, Tank truck loading terminal, Poland | 2002
Basic and Detail Design, engineering, EPC delivery on turn-key basis of  tanktruck terminal with 3 loading places for top and bottom loading with capacity of 2000 mper day.
OMV Komárno, Fuel depot, Slovak Republic | 2000
Basic and Detail Design, engineering, EPC delivery of fuel transshipment depot on turn-key basis. The depot ensures fuels unloading from barges, fuel storage and loading to railway cars and tan trucks.